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Faux Finish

AsianGold wax.jpg
                                         We Turn Your Ideas Into A Reality 
We can transform your home into a beautiful, comfortable space. We will take your vision and turn it into a reality, using the color schemes and finishes that evoke your personal style.  We use a variety of materials and mediums to impart distinctive color, style and texture to any surface imaginable.  We have several finishes to choose from or can custom create one that is perfect for you.
We stand out from the other "faux painting" companies because we create our own pallet of colors to enhance the artistic embellishment of faux.  By layering the paint, glaze and texture applications and using various tools, a wide variety of special effects can be achieved.  Our experienced artists can create anything imaginable for exterior or interior, with high quality finishes that require little to no maintenance.  
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