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Colors &/Or Payments 

Submit Colors 

Job Payments 


1. A Credit Card Convenience Fee Of 2%          Will Be added

2. You Can Pay By Check Made Out To             Color Restoration.

3. You Can Make A check Payable To Cash       For A       2% Discount.

1. Choose Deposit or Final Payment.

2. Enter Full Name Or Job Number.

3. Click For Payment. 

Buy Samples 

1. Enter Full Name Or Job Number.

2. Click For Payment. 


1. We deliver a color-fan to your door.  


 2. You choose up to 5 colors at your convenience. 

 3. We will purchase deliver & apply samples on your property (front or requested wall).

 4. Once you have made your choice,

(if required by H.O.A) retrieve certificates online and you are ready to submit the application for color approval to your local H.O.A.

Thanks! Message sent.

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